Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Are Mormons Christians?

What Mormons Believe about Jesus Christ

The question, "Are Mormons Christians?" comes up more than I would expect. I found this article, though lengthy, very friendly and clear on the subject.

I whole heartedly agree with Robert L. Miller, former dean of religious education at BYU, that it should be possible to "lay aside theological differences long enough to address the staggering social issues in our troubled world." Why can we not "have lively and provocative discussion on our differences"? And have those interactions without them being "threatening, offensive or damaging to our relationships?"

I am a Mormon. I do believe that only through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can I be saved, that He is the only way to return home to live with God, after all that I can do.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Discussions of Faith

Today we had a lesson in Relief Society on missionary work. It brought back precious memories of living in Mesa and being in school at Mesa Community College. I felt like one of the "kids" in my classes, young, eager to learn, excited about life, the future and all its possibilities. I loved that time.
One primary reason that I cherish those few years is because of the missionary experiences that I was able to have. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing their stories. I also love to share stories. My favorite stories to both hear and share are stories of faith, and the goodness of God. I have missed living in Mesa and going to college immeasurably. I miss the opportunities that I had to meet people of different faith and life experience. I'm back in Utah surrounded by members of my own faith, or people who "know" about it. I am mostly at home taking care of my own family. I'm not working where I can develop any new friendships. There are only seven people in my office. I have felt a void.
But today during the Priesthood lesson on missionary work it was brought up that M. Russel Ballard "urges students to use new media." In his talk at BYU Hawaii commencement, he said that "conversations about the Church would take place whether or not Church members decided to participate in them". He encouraged students to participate in blogs. "He said students should consider sharing their views on blogs, responding to online news reports and using the “new media” in other ways. But he cautioned against arguing with others about their beliefs. 'There is no need to become defensive or belligerent,' he said."
I wonder if blogging is a way I can continue meeting new people and sharing my faith. I hope that it is.