Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Two Happy Things

Today I was dreading going to work for several reasons. So I procrastinated...well, I didn't go, which is different.
But anyway, while NOT going to work, I did dishes, laundry, checked my email, and looked in on some blogs. It is amazing the things you get done while procrastinating other things.
I had an email about Rob Gardner, composer of He is Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith the Prophet, getting together a choir to sing the latter in the Salt Lake Tabernacle! I'm going to join them on April 25th, and 26th. I’m really excited because I love to sing Rob’s music!

The other happy thing was while I was linking over to another LDS webring blog, I saw the Misiego family blog and reconnected with Elder Javier Misiego of our “More Than Words” Tender Mercy story! Sometimes you do get rewarded for procrastination!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

President Hinckley and the Prophet's Mantle

I've been linking through the LDS Webring, and reading tributes to President Gordon B. Hinckley So many of them have touched me quite deeply. I appreciate all the testimonies, antidotes, and thoughts about this great man.
I remember that I had a friend question something President Hinckley didn't do that she thought he should do when he was in the first presidency with President Benson. I didn't know much about him because I had been less active in my youth. Then after I truly studied and came to know of the truthfulness of the gospel during President Benson's stewardship, I felt President Benson was MY prophet. When he died, there was a hole in my heart for him.
I don't know where my mind was when President Hunter was the prophet. I think it was one of my baby years (being sick and pregnant and out of it). So when President Hinckley became the prophet, I remember turning the TV on and watching the beginning of a documentary. They showed a black and white clip of a man coming into the tabernacle and up to the pulpit. I felt that strong, sweet witness that this was MY prophet. I thought, "It's a documentary on President Benson." I was so excited. Then the camera zoomed in, and the narrator said something about Gordon B. Hinckley being set apart as a new apostle. I was so surprised by the strength of the witness. I hadn't really even been thinking about it, or questioning if I would accept him as my prophet. I still didn't know anything about him, but I knew he was the new prophet of God, MY prophet.
I think what I experienced at that time was much like what the people did when they saw the mantle go upon Brigham Young after Joseph died. The small doubt that was sewn by my friend was forgotten because of the witness of the Holy Ghost. I'm so thankful for it. How we will miss that sweet, dear prophet!