Monday, March 17, 2008

A Wish and a Prayer, Heavenly Father will answer both

Remember, remember...
Yesterday, I was sitting in Sunday school listening to a lesson on coming unto Christ and avoiding the flaxen cords of the adversary. Something stirred within me, and I began thinking about several times when Heavenly Father has answered my prayers. I thought of the big things; Dan getting a job in my hometown after being laid off, Elder Jarom Walz (an old friend of his) taking care of Ryan when he had to have a surgical procedure on his mission, when teaching the gospel to a dear friend, having the very things I should say come to me by power of the Holy Ghost, and when I had been striving diligently to share the gospel, I had a very sacred and overwhelming experience that let me know that Heavenly Father had forgiven me of my sins. Then some small, sweet things went through my mind, like hearing a favorite song when feeling down, or reading a scripture and feeling like it was written just for me to read that very day, or a kind word or deed from someone that was completely unexpected (which most are). I felt that Heavenly Father wants me to remember these things because I need to remember them. Not just on Sunday, but on everyday. I need to remember because He does answer my prayers, because He did answer them before, and will again and again. Not because I am deserving, because I am not. Not because He has to, because He does not. But because He loves me, no matter what. His answers to my prayers, both the big and the little are a testimony to me that this is the truth.
And I will remember. How I love Him!

Here is a Tender Mercy Story on ANWA Founder & Friends Blog. It really touched me, and got me thinking about how Heavenly Father really does take care of us all.

Tchaikowsky, Heavenly Father, and Me