Sunday, September 21, 2008

Specific, Sincere Prayer

A long time ago, when my testimony wasn't as strong as it is now, I had just read The Book of Mormon and was praying about its truthfulness. I was having a hard time understanding that if Heavenly Father loves His children so much why He did allow the Nephites to be slaughtered. I didn't understand how justice must be satisfied if the people are disobedient, but that is another topic altogether.
I had been praying and pondering about the sacrifices and obedience that is required to gain eternal life. I wanted to know if it was worth it. Maybe I would be just as happy in a lesser kingdom? Obviously, I wasn't very spiritually mature at the time, but I was sincere in my questions. I wanted to understand better. I thought if I prayed to remember the love that I had for Heavenly Father maybe that would help me want to live more righteously. So I did just that, I knelt and prayed an innocent, sincere prayer to remember what the love that I had for Him.
My answer was immediate, overwhelming, and sweet beyond words. How I long to do all that I can to always feel His love, to remember how I love Him, and make whatever sacrifices necessary to return to His presence!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Good Music in My Life

Music touches me in so many ways. I can hear or sing a hymn and be unexpectedly moved to tears. It can bring forth cherished memories, invite the Holy Ghost, and bring peace. It often stays with me through the day and gladdens my heart. A beautiful melody can pick me up when I am down, or help me escape to a happier place.

I have memories of learning music as a child, and in high school band. The thrill of participating in making music is indescribable. I have sung in choirs, singing praises and prayers to my Heavenly Father. Being a part of it fills my soul on a level that is deeper than many others. I feel connected. Connected with those around me, but mostly connected to spiritual things, to the Spirit of God.

I have had answers to my prayers come through music and lyrics. I've had dreams where new melodies were sung and awakened with them briefly in my head. How I wish they would linger long enough for me to capture them.

I have also awakened to my daughters' singing. The joy that their sweet voices brings into my heart makes the rest of the day richer. I'm so thankful for good music in my life.