Sunday, September 21, 2008

Specific, Sincere Prayer

A long time ago, when my testimony wasn't as strong as it is now, I had just read The Book of Mormon and was praying about its truthfulness. I was having a hard time understanding that if Heavenly Father loves His children so much why He did allow the Nephites to be slaughtered. I didn't understand how justice must be satisfied if the people are disobedient, but that is another topic altogether.
I had been praying and pondering about the sacrifices and obedience that is required to gain eternal life. I wanted to know if it was worth it. Maybe I would be just as happy in a lesser kingdom? Obviously, I wasn't very spiritually mature at the time, but I was sincere in my questions. I wanted to understand better. I thought if I prayed to remember the love that I had for Heavenly Father maybe that would help me want to live more righteously. So I did just that, I knelt and prayed an innocent, sincere prayer to remember what the love that I had for Him.
My answer was immediate, overwhelming, and sweet beyond words. How I long to do all that I can to always feel His love, to remember how I love Him, and make whatever sacrifices necessary to return to His presence!

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