Sunday, July 13, 2008

Small Witnesses of the Spirit

Today Tessa sang a duet with her cousin, Shelly in Shelly's ward. My sister was asked to sing and she volunteered them. It was absolutely beautiful!! They sang "The Olive Tree" by Kurt Bester. I wish I could have recorded it and put it on here! I love to sing, but having my children share their talents and witnessing it is even more rewarding than doing it myself.

I have few talents which I can consecrate, but singing is one that I have only done a couple of times outside of church in a public setting. I have to say that it had a completely different feeling for me. I sang a duet once at a civic meeting and it seemed so pointless somehow. I do love singing in church, either in a choir or small group. I love how often the music fits perfectly with the theme of the meeting even when the people arranging the music had no idea ahead of time. I had that happen on several occasions when I was the Sacrament Meeting chorister. I would pick the music a couple of months ahead and then the talks would be on that very subject.

One Fast and Testimony Meeting, I happened to choose (a month before) "Called to Serve" for the closing hymn. We ended up having a missionary from our ward come home for a couple of weeks to have knee surgery. He bore such a strong testimony in that meeting about miracles in his behalf. The doctors sent him home thinking that he would have to have a second invasive surgery and when they got into his knee, it was completely healed! They just had to take the pin out that they had placed in his knee the year before. He was able to go back out on his mission after only a very short delay. Then to close the meeting, our ward sang, "Called to Serve." I don't know if anyone else knew, besides me and my organist, how things fell into place that day, but it was a testimony to me that God has His Hand in even the smallest things in His church.

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